Mutsu no Kuni

This site is dedicated to Date Saburou Yukiie (Christopher Wright). 

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*NOTE*  The website is under construction due to an unforseen error on the part of the designer.  It will be back up as soon as he the time to fix the errors.  Thank you for your patience.

There are only Three Rules of Mutsu

What goes on in Mutsu, stays in Mutsu

If you spill it, You lick it up.

She is always right!



  Mutsu no Kuni is Japanese for the Country of Mutsu.  Mutsu is a provence in Japan, in the north-east on the island of Honshu, and is where the Date are from.  There are two founding members of Mutsu no Kuni, Date Saburou Yukiie and Date Rokurou Yoshimitsu.  They portray bushi from two different time periods in Date history.  This site is a new beginning for the Date and is being used to provide information about Mutsu no Kuni, its members, and what we do in the Society for Creative Anachronism. 


The purpose of this website is to educate, share our experiences, and encourage others to experience one small part of what the Society for Creative Anachronism has to offer.  There will be pages on this site which include, Garb, Armor, Kumihimo, Vacu-Seal Meals, and Tents (just to name a few).  Information will be added as I fix the site, or learn more.  If there is any information that is not explained in enough detail, or is wrong, please email me and I will add the detail and fix what is wrong.